Extreme Power. Superior Performance. Mega Speed.

Extreme Power. Superior Performance. Mega Speed.

That’s the new MEBAmat with performance package.

  • New carbide-compatible automatic saw for even larger dimensions
  • Impressive performance package
  • Measurable savings in terms of material, time and costs/cutting

The world’s leading trade fair for metalworking, EMO in Hanover, Germany, once again proved to be the “place to be” this year if you don’t want to miss out on the trends and product innovations in the industry. At the booth of MEBA, the specialist for metal band saws, the new MEBAmat 435 developed into a visitor magnet. The live ex­perience of the new carbide-capable auto­matic saw MEBAmat 435 with performance package and thin-cutting technology caused enthusiasm and underlined the very clear message: More savings is not possible.

The MEBAmat product family stands for net­worked, automated power packs for continuous use in single or multi-shift operation and fast, precise cutting. Regardless of whether the material is soft or extremely hard, only one machine is needed for the various sawing tasks. Based on this successful platform, the new MEBAmat 435 has now been further developed. Even the standard version comes with even larger dimensions. The cutting values have been further optimized. This means that the high-perfor­mance machine can process even larger parts even faster with the usual reliability.

MEBAmat 435 with Performance Package and Thin-Cut Technology

If the user decides in favor of the new automatic machine with performance package and thin-cut technology, the savings increase exponentially. The machine saws faster, has a higher cutting capacity, saves material and produces less waste, i.e. fewer chips. The reduction in cutting time creates additional sawing capacity.

If we assume a material around Ø 300 mm and a quenched and tempered steel 42 CrMo, the cutting time is just 1.37 minutes, which corres­ponds to a cutting speed of 350 meters per minute and a feed rate of 219 millimeters per minute. The MEBAmat 435 with performance package has a thinner cutting channel and powers through with a saw blade drive power of 15 kw. A HM Premium thin-cutting saw band is used for this purpose. In comparison, standard saws without this thin-cutting technology achieve a cutting speed of 55 m/min, a feed rate of 24 mm/min and require a sawing time of more than 12 minutes.

Consistent power and speed using the example of round material

Figuratively speaking, the sawing process of round material normally proceeds in such a way that the saw blade has little cutting surface at the upper edge and thus initially runs through the material somewhat faster. When the saw blade enters the widest part in the middle, the sawing speed slows down due to the increased resi­stance and the wider cutting surface. With the MEBAmat 435 and performance package, the saw blade glides through the material at a constant speed. This also makes the cut extreme­ly fast.

Proven savings

Very clear calculations and live tests on the new MEBAmat show: More savings are not possible. Despite the fact that the MEBAmat 435 with performance package means a higher initial investment, that maintenance costs are higher than for the standard machine, and that the high-quality saw bands have to be replaced more frequently, the overall savings are enormous. When sawing with this technology, we are talking about significantly higher utilization due to up to 80% shorter sawing time, 9 times more metal removal rate and a real saving of 5 euros per cut, measured on the real sawing example mentioned.