The choice is yours: discover the right band saw blade for the optimum cutting result with MEBA metal band saws

Introduction: The Importance of Matching Band Saw Blades for Metalworking

Band saws are used in a variety of designs and sizes, from the hobbyist’s cellar to the craftsman’s workshop to use in industry and large-scale production. If you work in metalworking, you surely know how important it is to choose the right band saw blade for your band saw machine as an accessory. This is because the band saw blade can almost be described as the heart of the saw and has a significant influence on the cutting result and the quality of the metal processing. The other way around: A poorly selected saw band leads to increased wear of the machine, poor cutting performance and unclean cutting edges. When machining metals that are to be of high quality, a precise cutting result is essential. For this reason, MEBA metal band saw machines test the best band saw raw materials and offer the optimal band for every band saw and for every sawing requirement. In this article you will learn more about the production of band saw blades and how to select them appropriately for your machine. This is the only way to achieve optimum cutting results and maximize the service life of your saw.

Why choosing the right saw band raw material is so important

You may be wondering why choosing the right saw band raw material is ranked so highly? The answer is simple: a band saw blade is one of the most complex tools in metal cutting. Its effectiveness depends not only on the material grade and manufacturing quality used, but also on the specific application. Not all solutions and bandsaw blades are equally suitable for all areas. As a basis for the right choice of the band for your band saw serves to determine the appropriate base material from which the tool is made. The main distinction here is between normal tool steel and bi-metal. However, the tooth form and type of toothing should also be taken into account in accordance with the intended use. The right accessories for the particular saw will ensure an optimal cutting result, while an incorrect choice will lead to cutting errors, material loss and premature wear of the saw band.

A little more background knowledge about band saw blades, their production and areas of application

There are many different application requirements for sawing: Profile and bundle cuts, layer and bundle cuts of large workpiece dimensions, materials that are difficult to cut must be sawn, such as solid material, thick-walled tubes made of tool and stainless steel, non-ferrous metals or even alloys from space technology. On a saw in the workshop standard inserts are needed or also small frequently changing workpiece dimensions. There are cuts with increased accuracy and wear resistance. And also rust and acid resistant materials want to be sawed. These are just a few examples out of countless. At MEBA, the best saw band raw materials are tested for you. The optimum band saw blade is then selected for each metal band saw and for each of these applications. They are produced on the most modern welding and grinding machines. MEBA ensures fast delivery through its own warehouse. As a global manu­facturer of high-performance band saws, the company from Baden-Württemberg simply has an incredible amount of know-how in this field.

Let’s look at each type of tape a little more closely….

A bi-metal band saw blade  is so called because it is made of two metals. A strip of HSS steel is welded onto a backing material. The teeth are then ground or milled into the material. There are different material compositions of the HSS steel. The carrier strip and the HSS flat wire are optimally and indissolubly joined by electron or laser beam welding processes. And what is the point? The high-quality bimetal saw blade combines the flexibility of the carrier with the enormous wear resistance of the HSS high-speed steel. Each tooth tip of the finished saw band is made of tempered HSS steel and is extremely resilient and enormously powerful.

Practical tip: Facts about the running-in of saw bands
Now we have explained what a bi-metal band saw blade is. In order not to go too far with this, i.e. in order not to do too much material science, it should only be mentioned at this point that there are again many different bi-metal strips for many different applications. You should definitely ask for advice on which accessories you need individually for your application and to match your metal band saw. If you want to achieve a really long belt life, you now have to look at the correct running-in procedure. Bi-metal bandsaw blades, like all tools, must be run in properly. This guarantees maximum tool life and saves tooling and setup costs. The particularly sharp tooth tips must not yet be fully loaded at the start of machining. Premature overloading can lead to chipping of the tooth tips. The cutting edges round off perfectly due to the correct retraction. On the first square centimeters of the cutting surface, the bandsaw blade operates at half the feed rate at the recommended cutting speed. After a corresponding run-in time, the feed rate is gradually increased to the intended value. If vibrations or vibration noises occur at the start of cutting, the set cutting speed should be corrected slightly.

Carbide saw blades
The carbide strip is used for metals that are difficult to machine, for example in foundries, and achieves a significant increase in cutting performance with the resulting shorter cutting times. So it drives up productivity in those areas. In addition, the machinability of some materials is not possible with bimetal saw bands due to the alloy components and strengths. The carrier band of the carbide band saw blades is made of specially alloyed quenched and tempered steel and is very flexible. Since the tooth tips are in turn made of wear-resistant carbide grades, they are also extremely durable. In a special process, the carbide teeth are welded onto the carrier strip.

Coated saw bladesare used for higher cutting requirements. Also, the current saw band performance can be optimized by using coated saw bands. In addition, the power requirement can be quickly adjusted by using a coated band saw blade or shift work can be organized more efficiently. Indeed, the coated belt comes with a resistant, impact-resistant toothed edge. This is particularly suitable where increased abrasion conditions and cutting temperatures are present. Higher feed rates and shorter cutting times, longer service lives or even shorter delivery times due to shorter cutting times are just a few of the advantages that the belt brings.

The right bandsaw blade: a philosophy in itself

But what distinguishes the saw bands from MEBA from the accessories of other saw band manufacturers? The answer lies in the test procedures and selection criteria that MEBA applies in the manufacture of its band saw blades. When selecting the right raw material for the saw blade, it is important to consider the thickness of the metal on the one hand and the diameter of the workpiece on the other. The type of cut also plays an important role. MEBA takes a very individual approach and selects the appropriate saw band raw material according to your requirements. In the process, they regularly test the cutting behavior of different saw band raw materials to ensure that only the best raw materials are used in the production process. To ensure that the bandsaw blades meet the customers’ requirements, they are tested for function and precision before delivery. For this purpose, MEBA uses state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified employees who set and adjust each band saw individually.


Selecting the right band saw blade as an accessory for your band saw is enormously important for economical sawing and for top results. MEBA manufactures high quality band saw blades at attractive price with fast delivery time. MEBA tests the best saw band raw materials and you get the optimum for your metal band saw and your respective area of application. MEBA produces on the most modern welding and grinding machines. The company always has your benefit in mind – you get:

  • The most economical saw blade for your sawing task
  • Long service life and good cutting performance
  • Short delivery time
  • Competent advice and simple processing
  • Highest quality
  • Production in our own saw band welding shop

Testimonials from customers using MEBA bandsaw blades

If you are looking for the right accessories for processing metal, you should definitely take a look at the high-quality MEBA saw bands. As a small tip: They also have a webshop where accessories can be ordered easily. Many customers have already had positive experiences with MEBA products and swear by their quality. For example, one customer reported that he has been using MEBA bandsaw blades for his bandsaw machine for years and has never had any problems with them. The bandsaw blades always allowed him to achieve an optimal cutting result and high precision in metalworking. Another customer praises the wide range of choices for saw band raw materials and the competent advice provided by the MEBA team. Here, he was helped to choose the right band saw blade for his band saw and could rely on a long product life. The topic of extending the service life of band saw blades was also raised by customers. Here it was recommended to always tension the saw band correctly and keep it clean in order to achieve a long service life. In summary, MEBA bandsaw blades are convincing due to their high quality and precision and represent an optimal solution for metalworking. Convince yourself of the quality of MEBA band saw blades and choose the right band saw blade for your metal band saw for an optimal and precise cutting result.